Kawartha Carving Competition

2018 1st Intermediate Wild
and Domestic Animals
Bob Dell

Join Us Saturday, September 14, 2019

Competition Categories

Beginner Categories

  1. Birds
  2. General

Novice, Intermediate, & Open Categories

  1. Waterfowl - decorative
  2. Wildfowl - natural finish
  3. Waterfowl - smoothy/gunning
  4. Stylized
    a. Stylized Birds (max. 5% textured)
    b. Stylized General (max. 5% textured
  5. Songbirds
  6. Birds of Prey
  7. Upland Game Birds
  8. Wildfowl - smoothy
  9. Shorebirds, seabirds, other birds
  10. Wildfowl Miniatures (1/2 size or less). Maximum length of body cannot exceed 8" from base of bill to end of body.
  11. Fish. Amphibians/Reptiles, Marine Mammals
  12. Wild and Domestic Animals (may include humans)
  13. Realistic Human Figures
  14. Caricatures
  15. Novelty, Chip Carving, Miscellaneous
  16. Relief (any scale, finished or unfinished)
  17. Wood Burning (may be coloured or natural. No carving allowed)

How to find the Kawartha Carving Competition

Nutmeg Woodworking and Carving Shop
Live Well
Strangs Valu-Mart

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