Kawartha Carving Competition

2016 1st Open Shorebirds, Seabirds, Other Birds
Atlantic Puffin
Ron Buckley

2016 2nd Open Songbirds
Chipping Sparrow
Zenon Gawel

2016 1st Novice Songbirds;
Best of Novice
Redbreasted Nuthatch
Ralph Bertrand

Join Us Saturday, September 9, 2017

Judging Criteria

A single entry category may have a ribbon awarded at the judge’s discretion.

Where, in the opinion of the committee, and or judges, there is an excessive number of entries in a category, that category may be split


Originality and creativity, artistry and visual impact of the overall carving.

2016 1st Intermediate Fish and Marine Mammals
Rainbow Trout
Craig MacLaughan


Proper proportions, perspective, balance and form.

2016 1st Intermediate Songbirds
Vermillion Flycatcher
Ron Richards


Carving techniques, execution of detail, texturing, quality of joints, cleanliness of finish.

2016 1st Open Fish and Marine Mammals
Small Mouth Bass
Gordon Black

Surface Finish

Appropriateness and quality of painting and finishing.

2016 1st Novice Wild and Domestic Animals
Polar Bear and Cubs
Ralph Bertrand

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